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BOOK-MAN Bookings Management Program

Now you can track all of your clubs Bookings, Outings, Social Functions and Course Maintenance Activity in the Event-Man Contracts module.

Account for your Group events, total count, fees, food and beverage costs. Show Group rates vs. Wholesale rates and generate Control Reports, Contracts, Budget Reports, Budgets vs. Actuals and End of Month Reporting.

BOOKINGS CRITERIA Enter all parameters related to Group Names, Contact Information, Date of Play, Food and Beverage Choice, etc. Book- Man saves the information for summary and detail reporting.
CONTRACT GENERATOR Book- Man uses the Bookings criteria to automatically generate a contract for the Group based on a document you've created with your terms.
OPERATIONS CONTROL Generate the Operations Control Report to view all Bookings. View Date, Time, Group Name, Total Count, Location (Room, Course, etc.), Meal, etc for any particular time period.
PAYMENTS CONTROL View Payment information: Deposits/Balances due, Deposits/Balances paid. Apply payments and mark as paid.
GREENS FEES Set Greens Fees cost per time period or season for each course. Group vs. Wholesale fees.
TAX and GRATUITY RATES Set Tax % variable and % for Food and Golf gratuities, etc.
BUDGET REPORTING Enter totals of Rounds Played for particular time period to report on total projected revenue. Report on Budget vs. Actuals. 



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